VUDAJÉ is the singer-songwriter alias of Bay Area, California native Mitch Luján, a creative mind  with an affinity for fusion. Living the creative life began at the age of 15 circa 2009, after leaving behind high school wrestling and picking up the bass guitar. The sonic shapeshifter was raised on the danceable music of Pop and R&B legends Michael Jackson, Prince, and Marvin Gaye but was later exposed to Alternative Rock as a teenager having bands like Incubus, Deftones, and Tame Impala influence the atmospheric width heard on a handful of Vudajé's productions.


Vudajé's process of making art and music involves the pursuit of an innate feeling that eventually manifests its way into reality through a song, visual content or live performances. Vudajé has written and performed genre-bending music in a variety of environments spanning across the United States from San Francisco to New York City. In 2018, he was selected by Coca-Cola and Southwest Airlines as San José's favorite music artist and remains an active member of the music community by collaborating on several projects and events.